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Companion Services

Our companion services offer emotional support and companionship to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Our companion and private care has been helping families in CT for decades.

Whether you need assistance with your indoor plant care or simply need someone to transport you to run errands. Our companions are the perfect solution. Our companions provide non clinical assistance; those services do not include personal hands on care. Some of our companions’ services are:


  • Recreational activities

  • Transportation

  • Medication Reminders


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Benefits of Having a Companion at Home

  • Benefit from private home care for seniors. In-home care leads to higher satisfaction, increased recovery times, and more comfortable recuperation.

  • Let our skilled nurses and aids assist your loved ones with their ailments. We offer comprehensive personal care for seniors dealing with COPD, surgery recovery, heart conditions, and more.

  • Give your loved ones the independence they crave and the care they deserve. Our skilled nurses are available 24/7 to provide in-home senior care services.

  • Discuss your elder companion care options with our team. We offer complimentary consultations for all new patients and their families.

Homecare companionship for your family

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Comprehensive Elderly Companion Service

Enjoy a variety of elderly companion services no matter what stage of life your loved one is in. At Golden Aged Homecare we offer an expansive array of elder care services to make your loved one feel comfortable and at ease.

Choosing between skilled in-home nursing or assisted care facilities can be challenging, but keeping your loved one in-home is often the best choice. Generally, private home care for seniors leads to higher satisfaction with life, allows for dignity and independence, and keeps families together during periods of healing. Home care also allows for more private attention and is generally cheaper.

To discuss our in-home elderly companion care and learn how your loved one can benefit from it, call our skilled home nursing agency today.

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